Ironing & Dry Cleaning

Our Ironing Service

 Our Ironing Service

Has your ever-growing ironing pile become too much to tackle?

Has your busy lifestyle kept you away from ironing everything that needs ironing?

Or are you simply too occupied with enjoying your precious spare time to devote it all to the ironing pile?

Don’t worry! At Bubbles Launderette, we take the chore out of ironing by doing it for you! Drop your items in to us and we’ll take care of it. Whether it’s work shirts or your favourite pair of jeans, we’ll get rid of any stubborn creases and iron your items to the highest professional standard.

Our Dry Cleaning Service

We recognise that many items you take the time to dry clean are often of great significance to you. We handle each item we dry clean with care while cleaning them professionally and meticulously.

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